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SafeMoon whales are bullish again. There was a ,000 and 0,000 investment in SafeMoon today. In this video, we discuss SafeMoon whale movement, price movement, price analysis, SafeMoon wallet updates, SafeMoon investment from angel investor, crypto market news, and MORE important SafeMoon announcements.

Will SafeMoon reach 1 cent? When will SafeMoon be 1 cent? I can’t tell you exactly. But, what I can tell you is most up to date SafeMoon news and other updates on SafeMoon!

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Safemon has so many more theories to be solved. Safemoon dev Papa says we missed so many safemoon clues and their are more safemoon questions to be asked. Safemoon is making more moves and since they cannot talk about them yet, its up to the safemoon community to solve them. Papa gave us a huge clue in saying we missed alot and more safemoon theories need to be asked.

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