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The new cryptocurrency Safemoon isn’t only a household name; it has gotten the attention of investors looking for the next big altcoin. With the price of Bitcoin still being over ,000 even after it plummeted from a China bank crackdown, many are searching for other cryptocurrencies with a lower price and potentially greater returns. Safemoon definitely meets the lower price qualification. It currently trades for fractions of a cent, meaning you can get over a million Safemoon with just a few dollars. It also has an interesting hook of charging a fee to anyone who sells and distributing half of that fee to Safemoon holders. Again, this is designed to benefit those who buy and hold.

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The community behind crypto is a critical factor in its success. That’s because, unlike a company that has a marketing team, cryptocurrencies are decentralized. As such, the role of ensuring that the crypto is visible is left to everyone who has a stake. On this front, Safemoon is doing very well. The community is so passionate that they are pushing the project both online and offline. Prove to the community’s dedication is a billboard at Times Square New York. The Safemoon community has crowdfunded and erected a Safemoon billboard in Times Square.

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